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Radiance Spa Pack - Face, Eye, Foot & Hand mask set

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Enjoy the Skimono spa experience for your face, eyes, hands and feet with this luxurious pack.


1 x Radiance Recovery 4c Eye Mask

A potent eye serum mask featuring advanced Liposome Technology and infused with plumping collagen, calming chamomile, refreshing cucumber, firming vitamin C with peptides.

  • Supports the reduction of dark circles and puffiness 
  • Helps soften fine lines
  • Deep moisturisation to relieve tired and dry eyes. 
  • Brightens complexion for a more radiant glow

1 x Advanced Moisturisation+ Face Mask

A replenishing serum infused with extract of rose & hyaluronic acid in an innovative bio-cellulose face mask.

  • Restores a soft and supple complexion
  • Repairs dry and damaged skin
  • Renews radiance
  • Provides an at-home facial experience

    1 x Total Conditioning+ Foot Mask pair 

    A deeply replenishing serum foot mask packed with shea butter, olive oil, tea tree and chamomile.
    • Moisturises deeply
    • Smoothes cracked heels
    • Softens hard skin
    • Refreshes and revives tired feet
    • Anti-bacterial action

      1 x Intense Nourishment+ Hand Mask pair

      A revitalising serum enriched with shea butter, Aloe Vera & hyaluronic acid in an innovative hand mask.

      • Eradicates dryness
      • Restores softness
      • Refines skin texture
      • Brightens and evens skin tone

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