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What is bio-cellulose?

Bio-cellulose is a natural material created by the fermentation of special bacteria (Acetobacter Xylinum). The bacteria synthesise a large quantity of high-quality cellulose in the form of twisted ribbons of micro-fibrillar bundles.

How long should I use the Skimono face mask for?

Every skin is different but we recommend between 20 and 30 minutes.

Why is bio-cellulose a superior sheet mask material for skincare?

Bio-cellulose is the best sheet mask material for skin for the following reasons:

  1. The fibre diameter is thinner than a human hair, and certainly thinner than other sheet mask materials. This means it fits to the natural curves, contours and lines of the skin much closer.
  2. The 3-dimensional structure of bio-cellulose fibres increases the essence absorbing capacity, so holds more nutrients to transfer to the skin.
  3. The combination of a closer fit to the skin and the greater essence capacity delivers increased transfer of nutrients and moisture into the dermis.
  4. The 100% natural process is eco-friendly.
When should I use a Skimono face mask?

Skimono masks are recommended as a weekly boost treatment or an ‘as and when’ solution when needed. They are especially beneficial when the skin is exposed to stress factors such as dry air, pollution, sun damage, dehydration. You can even use them to prepare for such situations or as a targeted response, like before, during or after air travel.

How often should I use a Skimono face mask?

We recommend no more than once a week, otherwise the effect is diminished.

Any tips on using the masks?

If it is a hot day or your skin feels flushed, hot or sore then try putting the mask in the fridge for about half an hour before usage. A cool mask is a particularly refreshing experience.

When finished with the face mask, try rubbing the still moist bio-cellulose sheet on your elbows or another dry skin area.

You can use the remaining serum left in the sachet as you would your normal beauty serum.

For a full pampering experience, try a face, hand and foot mask at the same time. Just sit back and relax!

Is cleansing required after usage?

No. Ideally you clean the skin before usage to enable the active ingredients to penetrate the skin better. You can either massage into the skin any remaining serum or wipe off gently with a clean towel.

Can the serum left in the foil sachet be used?

Absolutely, don’t let it go to waste.

Hand and Foot Masks

Can the masks be used for longer than the recommended 20-30 minutes?

The hand and foot masks have been worn longer for a more intense treatment. However, exercise caution and follow the cues of your skin - prone to allergies, skin irritations, adverse reactions? Then probably wise not to overdo it. Start usage with in the recommended guidelines first.


Are there any age guidelines?

Recommended for adults. Children should not use beauty masks but should instead seek professional advice for any skin problems.

Can the masks be re-used?

Skimono masks are single use masks only.

Can I fly with my Skimono masks in carry on luggage?

Skimono have travelled safely and securely through airport security with no issues. Furthermore, the quantity of liquid inside a sachet is well within security tolerance levels.

What is the shelf life of Skimono masks?

2 years.

With which cosmetic regulations do Skimono masks comply?

Skimono masks meet EU cosmetic regulations and the products can be sold throughout the European Union.

Can skin sensitivity occur?

Our masks avoid using known allergens but every skin is different. If for any reason you feel discomfort or experience any redness then we recommend discontinuing usage - remove the mask and wipe excess serum off with a towel. Rinse skin with water if necessary. If concerned seek advice.Rest assured that our Skimono masks meet all EU regulations and we use only the best suppliers for mask materials and ingredients.

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