For You

We don’t want you to just look your best, we want you to feel your best and a big part of that is knowing that you have chosen a product from a brand that is making the right choices for the environment.

Skimono is dedicated to well-being, both yours and the planets. We try to do what we can to take the most responsible approach in everything we do. To this end, we partner with leading suppliers in sustainable manufacturing, our face masks are made in the world’s first eco sheet mask factory which received Green Building approval and passed the USA LEED environmental protection certification. The zero-carbon factory is powered by solar energy and uses a recycled rainwater infiltration system to further reduce the impact on the environment.

The SKIMONO Forest

As part of our commitment to provide the best skincare experience with minimal environmental impact, we’re ensuring we remain carbon positive by planting a tree for every Skimono mask. We’ve partnered with Treekly and Eden Reforestation Projects to grow a forest in regions where the positive impact is greatest, such as Madagascar.

 skimono planting forests


Why are we planting trees in Madagascar?

Madagascar is home to some truly unique flora and fauna, meaning they’re not found anywhere else. In fact it is one of just 17 countries to be considered ‘megadiverse’ by Conservation International. But as a result of intense deforestation, only 10% of the island’s original forests are left and biodiversity has decreased and local communities destroyed. The trees we plant in Madagascar will help:

Absorb excess carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere
Restore habitats and ecosystems for vulnerable species

Prevent erosion and flooding
Provide a livelihood for impoverished communities

Our Office

Our UK office is also environmentally friendly, with clean electricity from solar panels, rainwater collection for grey water usage. We recycle wherever possible.

Product Choices

We conduct extensive research evaluating our responsibly sourced ingredients to create cruelty-free formulations that deliver real benefits safely. Our bio-cellulose is of the highest quality, is organic and biodegradable (throw it in your compost and in about a month it will have disappeared). We kindly ask our customers to dispose of and recycle our products responsibly.