Why use Skimono Beauty Masks?

SKIMONO was originally conceived as a solution to the skincare problems related to modern lifestyles - daily commuting, long distance travel, pollution, sun damage, recirculated air and smoking.

A pioneering study from the Journal for Investigative Dermatology shows that air pollution, particularly from traffic, is significantly linked to skin ageing. Our daily journeys are exposing our skin to more and more environmental stressors which put increasing strain on the skin’s natural barrier that protects us from the dangers of pollution, UV rays, dry or recirculated air (such as in airplanes, or air conditioning in offices) and cigarette smoke.

To minimise any ageing or dryness while keeping your lifestyle, and your complexion, as smooth as possible, we recommend SKIMONO for targeted usage when you need it most or as part of your weekly skincare routine.

SKIMONO - your weekly restorative treatment for face, hands & feet

The widely popular innovative mask technology from Asia transports nutrients within the serums deeper into the skin, improving the complexion and resulting in skin that is visibly fresher, smoother and delicate.

SKIMONO Beauty Masks restore the skin’s vitality, leaving it looking and feeling noticeably younger and healthier.