Who are Skimono?

In 2015, SKIMONO set out to launch a solution to combat the damaging effects of modern lifestyles on the skin. It is the first UK company to focus exclusively on a range of beauty masks that tackle problem skin caused by commuting or long distance travel, sun damage, pollution, sick building syndrome and stress.

The name “SKIMONO” is born of the words ‘skin’ and ‘kimono’ = “thing to wear” in Japanese. The traditional Japanese kimono garment consists of multiple layers, just like the skin on our body and much like the layers in SKIMONO Beauty Masks; and the kimono has a ritualistic element to putting it on and wearing it, much like a skincare routine. Combining “skin” and “kimono” into SKIMONO, expresses the brand’s intention to make beauty masks an essential weekly skincare ritual to be enjoyed and make you look your best.