Beauty masks for the NHS

Beauty Masks for NHS nurses & doctors fighting Coronavirus / COVID-19

You may have read about, seen and possibly even experienced the effects of wearing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is having on NHS staff. Apart from working in very challenging conditions staff’s faces are visibly battered and raw, hands super dry from so much hand sanitising, and feet knackered from being on their feet all day.

SKIMONO Beauty Masks’ co-founder is a front line senior nurse, working in the NHS since 2002, and knows that Skimono’s masks for face, hands and feet can really help with the skincare problems experienced by NHS staff.

So from today and for the foreseeable future every purchase on WWW.SKIMONO.COM will be matched with a donation of SKIMONO sheet masks for face, hands and feet for NHS staff to enjoy a bit of pampering when they get home.

If you are a nurse or doctor and would like to get masks sent to your ward then get in touch at

So far, our donation campaign has been receiving wonderful feedback from NHS workers who have benefited from a beauty sheet mask after a long shift: 


"I was lucky enough to receive one of your hand masks which I have tried out tonight as I have a couple of days off and wanted to see if it would help my hands and I am so impressed with your product!! I don't usually use things like this but wow! Thank you so much for supporting us...."

Caroline, Operating Department Practitioner (O.D.P) NHS, Manchester foundation trust.