Skimono Beauty Masks - 1st April 2021

What is Maskne and how to prevent it?

Mask wearing has become the new norm and necessity for everyday life now but have you found that you skin has become agitated and spotty around your chin and jaw?
This is a common, and certainly increasing, side-effect of mask wearing and so has been coined with the term “maskne”.

It is important that you look after your skin well during this time in order to emerge fresh-faced and spot-free in the months ahead. Firstly your skin needs cleansing properly and try to reduce the amount of makeup where possible, which can clog pores. Whilst wearing a mask the air contained under it becomes stale, damp and full of germs, this undoubtedly has harmful effects on the skin. It’s also key to change your masks regularly if they are disposable and wash frequently for non-disposible, cotton is also better in the latter case.

Cleansing and moisturising is more important than ever which is why it’s important to find a good skincare routine to suit you. It’s a common misconception that greasy skin does not need moisturising but that’s not the case, keep skin moisturised to discourage it from producing more oil which can furthermore inflame spots. Skimono’s Advanced Moisturisation+ face mask contains natural anti-oxidant rose extract for cleansing and hyaluronic acid for deeply regenerative hydration. Used regularly, (1-2 times per week) the face mask can encourage healing of the skin and prevention of any other outbreaks. 

Some useful tips: 

• Change disposable mask daily and wash cotton ones regularly.

• Resist wearing makeup or remove straight after with cleansing water.

• Stay on top of your skincare routine: cleanse & moisturise well each evening to remove the days debris on the skin.

• Use a Skimono Advanced Moisturisation+ Face Mask 1-2 times a week for ultimate luxury cleanse & moisturising skincare  

Try our most versatile Face Mask multipack and get one mask totally FREE: 

Advanced Moisturisation+ Bio-cellulose Face Mask x4 Pack
Advanced Moisturisation+ Bio-cellulose Face Mask x4 Pack
Advanced Moisturisation+ Bio-cellulose Face Mask x4 Pack

Advanced Moisturisation+ Bio-cellulose Face Mask x4 Pack


A replenishing serum infused with extract of rose & hyaluronic acid in an innovative bio-cellulose face mask.

  • Restores a soft and supple complexion
  • Repairs dry and damaged skin
  • Renews radiance

This 4 pack gives you a weekly dose of the spa, right in your home.

"Slow down for 30 delicious minutes and treat your face to one of SKIMONO'S seriously hydrating Advanced Moisturisation Masks. These masks are genuinely transformative - tried, tested, recommended." - Beauty Shortlist Awards