Skimono Beauty Masks - 30th April 2021

Summer Radiance Ready: Spotlight on Grape Seed Extract

Our carefully selected inci list displays powerful natural ingredients that enhance the skin such as our Anti-Ageing+ Mask that features Grape Seed extract. Find out why you should you choose Grape Seed extract in your skincare routine and learn how Skimono’s masks propel the results into new levels of radiance. 

3 benefits of Grape Seed Extract

One of the main factors in Grape Seed Extract is that it protects against sun damage, as it contains proanthocyanidins and resveratrol, that protect the skin from UV exposure and sun damage. Moreover, it’s a potent anti-oxidant which helps reduce redness and prevent cell damage leaving you looking rejuvenated and younger as it reduces the impact of premature ageing on the skin. As well as anti-aeging, Grape Seed Extract also delivers hydrating and moisturising Vitamin E which softens and smooths the skin by retaining moisture in the skin’s cell membrane’s. 

Have you ever suffered from hyperpigmentation? Not only does Grape Seed Extract artfully protect against signs of ageing it also attacks the bacteria that manifests in pores to successfully leave skin clearer and prevent other breakouts. We can’t get enough of this dynamic and powerful ingredient, that has all-round

Why try our Anti-Ageing+ Face Mask with Grape Seed Extract?

Our Anti-ageing mask serum with impactful Grape Seed Extract and soothing oat is enveloped in our bio-cellulose masks which are uniquely designed to fit right to the contours of your face, providing deep connection with lower levels of the skin. The results are long-lasting and remarkable, as our wonderful customer reviews show:

“From the moment I unwrapped and applied it, I started to feel better. The sensation is cool and soothing, you cannot help but relax and feel the tension and anxiety melt going away. “

“It was very easy to apply with clear instructions and my skin definitely felt rejuvenated and plumper whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines. “

“After just 1 treatment I can always notice & feel a difference within my skin. “

Anti-Ageing+ Bio-cellulose Face Mask x4 Pack
Anti-Ageing+ Bio-cellulose Face Mask x4 Pack
Anti-Ageing+ Bio-cellulose Face Mask x4 Pack

Anti-Ageing+ Bio-cellulose Face Mask x4 Pack