Skimono Beauty - 29th May 2020

Natural ingredients for your skincare routine

At Skimono, we’re championing the power of natural ingredients, and we incorporate organic materials into our ingredient list where possible in order to harness the benefits that they can give to your skincare routine.

Find out where we use natural ingredients and how they benefit your skin:

Advanced Moisturisation+ Face Mask - Rose

We use Rose in our Advanced Moisturisation+ face mask because of the values it holds in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These properties are fundamental for the skin on your face because it helps to battle inflammation plus quenches dry skin - contributing to glow and plumpness. 

Anti-ageing - grape and oat extract

Grape seed extract can be found in our Anti-Ageing+ face maks - we use it because it contains potent antioxidents which help to diminish environmental damage, it also has soothing properties. You want your face mask to cleanse your skin, and the oat extract does just that it’s a natural dirt and oil remover, which in turn improves the smoothness and brightness of the skin. The combination of these 2 natural powerhouse ingredients combined with niacinamide (see our niacinamide blog post) with our bio-cellulose, skin-hugging mask sees high performance results to improve dull skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

After-Sun - Aloe vera, edelweiss, cucumber

Everyday food, cucumber, may be refreshing and tasty (especially in a G&T!) but it also works wonders for your skin. We chose to use it in our After Sun+ Mask because of it’s reviving properties when applied to hot skin after having had a little too much sun. Combined with the healing relief of Aloe Vera which is packed with vitamins, minerals & anti-inflammatory compounds plus Edelweiss extract which is a powerful antioxidant - these both help to defend your skin from the sun-damage it may have been exposed to, leaving it soothed, supple and ultra-hydrated.

Hand Mask - Aloe Vera, & Shea Butter

There’s nothing worse than having dry, cracked hands which leave you in discomfort, and it’s even worse when regular hand cream does not provide the extreme nourishment they need to get them back on track. We chose Aloe Vera for our Nourishment+ Hand Mask because it envelopes the skin in the vitamins, minerals & anti-inflammatory values - combined with the softening qualities of Shea Butter, leave your hands to rejuvinate in our 30 minute hand masks for dry hand relief that lasts.

Foot Mask - tea tree oil, olive oil, shea butter, chamomile

Our Foot Masks have been created for restorative benefits, and the natural ingredients found in them do just that. It seems as though there are no limits to what tea tree oil can do, but we focus on it for it’s natural antiseptic, plus it soothes, so it’s perfect for reviving tired feet. Olive oil, shea butter, chamomile all then work to soften the skin.

Shop some of our bestselling masks with natural ingredients here:

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