Skimono Beauty - 2nd September 2020

Feed your skin - looking after your skin in more ways than just skincare

Nourishing & maintaining a healthy body is something we often do by taking part in exercise, keeping hydrated and eating a well-balanced diet, it helps to keep our vital organs, like our heart, lungs & liver functioning to their optimum capacity but how can we support our skin, the biggest organ on the body to maintain it’s glowiest, most tip-top state….

Feed your skin
Your skin is a power-house organ, it’s designed to be a protective shield against heat, light, injury, and infection - so it needs constant sustenance to keep it in the best shape it can in order to do the job required. Food is vital for maintaining great skin, sunflower seeds for example contain nutrients, such as vitamin E that provides an antioxidant, while fatty fish (salmon, mackerel) contain Omega-3 fatty acids which keep the skin thick and moisturised. Vitamin C, which is found in fruit and veg is also important for maintaining a healthy glow, when combined with food rich in Vitamin E too, such as avocado, the benefits are superior. 

Daily Habits
Maximising your water consumption every day leaves skin hydrated, which has a knock on effect in making your skin look plumper and glowing. The water you drink also expels toxins through your digestive system, if we don’t drink enough water, the toxins go straight to your skin, causing breakouts. Experts say you should drink around 2 litres of water a day to get your optimum amount, so get glugging!
Keeping a solid skincare routine also allows your skin to adapt to what you are feeding it and so making sure you keep on top of it every day is paramount to keep your skin happy.

React to what your skin is telling you
Just like when you are hungry, tired, thirsty, irritable, and you decide to do something about it, your skin also tells you when it needs something. Dry, flakey, oily, breakout skin is reacting to something it needs or doesn’t like, when this happens, it’s important to reference feeding your skin & your daily habits, as mentioned above, to make sure you aren’t straying from what’s important to your skin.