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Super Bundle - Anti-ageing+ for face, hands, and feet

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Indulge in all our bestsellers for face, hands and feet with x4 of our Intense Nourishment+ Hand Mask, x4 Total Conditioning+ Foot Mask and x4 of our Anti-Ageing+ Face Mask.

Each mask provides high-performance treatment for the intended area, with the intense serums penetrating deeply into the skin, leaving long-lasting results.

The carefully selected ingredient blend in the masks provide the perfect formulation to enrich, replenish & restore:

Nourishment+ Hand Mask - contains shea butter, Aloe Vera & hyaluronic acid to eradicate dryness and restore softness

Total Conditionishing+ Foot Mask - contains shea butter, olive oil, tea tree and chamomile, to soften hard skin, refresh & revive tired feet

Anti-Ageing+ Face Mask - contains collagen and natural extracts of oat and grape seed to promote smoother, firmer skin and reduce signs of ageing.